About me

I am a second-year PhD student at Brown University working with Rodrigo Fonseca in the Systems group. My current research work involves monitoring and debugging in Software Defined Networks. I obtained my MS degree in Electrical & Computer Engineering from Worcester Polytechnic Institute with Alex Wyglinski, where I focused on studying security in LTE networks. My other research interests include network security, embedded systems, protocol design, computer architecture, and systems programming education.


  • May 2017: I will be teaching ECE2049 Embedded Systems this summer at WPI!

  • Nov 2016: Attend HotNets 2016 in Atlanta, GA. Tim Nelson will be presenting our paper on monitoring

  • Oct 2016: Attended NENS conference in Boston

  • Sept 2016: Our position paper Switches are Monitors Too! was accepted to HotNets 2016

  • May 2016: I will be teaching ECE 2049: Embedded systems this E term at WPI!

  • Aug 2015: Starting PhD program in the Computer Science Department at Brown University


The best way to reach me is by email.