Lectures and Notes

Lectures will be recorded live via Zoom. Recordings will be posted on Canvas within a few hours of the lecture’s completion. Students are not required to attend the live lectures, but are encouraged to do so if they are able. See Canvas for the Zoom link to join the live lectures.

We will use a “handout-style” notes format for the course. For each lecture, the instructor will provide a “handout” that provides a scaffolding for notes, including figures and starter code for examples. During lecture, we will fill in key portions and examples.

We recommend that you take notes while watching the lecture–you can either print out the “handout” and fill it in, or just take notes in a notebook. The instructor’s copy of the completed notes will be posted here when the live lecture has finished.

Want a physical copy of the handouts, but don’t want to print them yourself? A combined PDF of all handouts is available here. You can order a printed version from an office supply store that offers document copying/printing services near you (eg. Staples, OfficeMax, Fedex Office, etc). For a black and white version (no need for color!), the whole PDF can be printed for about $20, plus shipping costs.


Class Lecture Topics Homework Resources
T, 25 May Introduction and Course Logistics
Introduction to Number Representations
HW1 Lecture 1 Notes (Blank)
Lecture 1 Notes (Complete)
Background survey
Lab parts survey
C Programming Examples
R, 27 May C Programming Basics
Intro to Embedded Programming
Lab 0 Lecture 2 Notes (Blank)
Lecture 2 Notes (Complete)
C Programming Examples
R, 27 May Lab 0: Introduction
T, 1 Jun Of Integers and Endians
Floating Point Representations
HW2 Lecture 3 Notes (Blank)
Lecture 3 Notes (Complete)
R, 3 Jun The MSP430 Architecture
Intro to Digital I/O
HW2 Lecture 4 Notes (Blank)
Lecture 4 Notes (Complete)
R, 3 Jun Lab 0 / Lab 1: Blackjack
T, 8 Jun Digital I/O: Buttons and LEDs!
HW3 Lecture 5 Notes (Blank)
Lecture 5 Notes (Complete)
Decoder example (Lecture 6)
Digital I/O Quick Reference
R, 10 Jun More Digital I/O
HW3 Lecture 6 Notes (Complete)
Decoder example
Digital I/O Reference
R, 10 Jun Lab 1: Blackjack (cont.)
T, 15 Jun Exam 1 Review
Exam 1 Lecture 7 Notes (Exam Review)
Lecture 7 Notes (Complete)
Digital I/O Reference
T-W, 15-17 Jun Exam 1: Architecture and programming basics
R, 17 Jun Intro to Clocks and Timers
Timers and Interrupts (Part 1)
HW4 Lecture 8 Notes (Blank)
Lecture 9 Notes (Blank)
Lecture 8 Notes (Complete)
R, 17 Jun Lab 2: MSP430Hero!
T, 22 Jun Real-world timers
R, 24 Jun Real-world timers
Stopwatch Example
R, 24 Jun Lab 2: MSP430Hero!
T, 29 Jun Intro to Analog to Digital Conversion
R, 1 Jul Intro to Operating Modes
HW6 LPM Table
R, 1 Jul Lab 2: MSP430Hero!
T, 6 Jul Intro to Digital Peripherals
Exam 2 Review
Exam 2
T-R, 6-8 Jul Exam 2: Clocks, Timers, and Data acquisition
R, 8 Jul Course discussion
Bonus Lecture: TBA
R, 8 Jul Lab 2: MSP430Hero++

Additional Lecture Notes

For additional lecture notes, please see the following resources:

Note: While the material covered in this offering of the course may be ordered differently, the content of the notes is roughly the same.